Special Forces Trainings

  Last modified: June 24, 2014  

Voyage Indigo offers an unusual experience.

Do you like war movies? You spent hours playing “Medal of Honor” and “Call of Duty”? Collect uniforms and army equipment around the world ?

In that case you will be interested in our offer!

Israeli Special Forces Trainings from Voyage Indigo – it’s not just a game.

It’s professional master classes from the best experts of warfare, the professionals of the security and the Counter-Terrorism experts and veterans of Israeli special units ,

It’s an introduction lesson of Krav Maga ,the legendary martial art developed in the IDF ,

It’s an introductory course of the israeli counter-terrorism tactics and combat tactics

It’s a chance to try more than twenty species of firearms used by the IDF and Israeli special anti-terror units.

Your family or group of friends will have a lot of fun learning new things .

Basic course oriented for healthy people aged 10-65 years old, and it’s duration is 3-6 hours, with lunch break option.

For enthusiasts, we have developed a special weekly program that includes learning advanced techniques of warfare (in the populated area, in the open field, shooting from a moving vehicle, etc.), and special skills that special forces soldiers need to know (orienteering, quiet and noisy assault, and more)

For the most extreme oriented people, Israeli special forces Trainings have developed ten-day course of surviving and a two-week course of the watercraft defense.

It is also possible to make a custom program for families , groups of friends and corporate events, that will bring your skills to the next level.

Israeli Special Forces Trainings from Voyage Indigo are conducted in Jerusalem area, in the base of famous Israeli counterterrorist school, that provides tactical combat training for private security companies and special units of israeli police and army.

Details and prices by demand.

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