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Travel spices up your life…

Welcome to «Voyage Indigo», a workshop of journeys! Whatever your destination, the purpose or occasion of your trip – we will get it all arranged and figured out for you to turn your dream vacation into a reality.

Going to meet your business partners and clinch that deal? Planning a shopping spree in Europe or looking to take your family on a vacation to the island resort? Thinking of an unforgettable romantic getaway? Dreaming of taking a walking tour of NYC skyscrapers or exploring the Old City of Jerusalem with its maze of meandering cobbled streets? There could be indeed countless reasons to embark on a journey – you name it!

We created our travel-workshop «Voyage Indigo» because we love to travel the world, discover the unknown, creating new exiting routs and find the fantastic places that oficial guides don’t speak about. But most of all we love to speak about it to our clients.

To be honest: we never liked the usual tourist companies, that always offer the same “package tours”; that rarely think about comfort, even less – about the beauty of traveling and almost never – about your needs and interests, which are not coincide the needs of rest 999 clients…

Having a reach experience of using the services of those companies (and working in such agencies), we decided to organize our company, as we dreamed, different.

The main goal of «Voyage Indigo» – attention to your own mood and perfect service. It doesn’t matter what is the purpose of your journey (business meeting, discovering European museums, or romantic vacation in intimate hotel – there are a huge variety of options ), we plan all the small details: from intellectual entertainment to the maps of best shopping places; from restaurants, recommended by experts, to personal driver’s name and phone number (may be you will need one?)

Our office is located in the heart of Tel Aviv. We know Israel in and out: the best and world renowned tour guides, the “secret” routes, cozy hotels, kids’ friendly places as well as accessing Israeli prestigious medical clinics if needed.

We are happy when customers become our friends, and those who once looked to our office, come to visit again and again.

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Anna Pushkin , Roman Kovgan